Road safety interventions

Sites that are identified through our collision analysis can be subject to several remedial measures. This can include

  • campaigns
  • islands
  • speed limit reduction
  • additional road signs
  • changes to infrastructure.

Two of the most common requests are Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) and safety cameras.

Vehicle Activated Signs

VAS is a generic term for a type of road traffic sign which displays a message upon the presence, or speed, of a vehicle. The devices are deployed on a permanent or temporary basis on the roadside like regular traffic signs.

Safety cameras

Police Scotland are responsible for the delivery and operation of the Scottish Safety Camera programme, which is funded by the Scottish Government. The Scottish Safety Camera programme handbook 2015 sets out the rules and guidance for the programme in Scotland. This states that the use of safety cameras must be for collision and casualty reduction, as set out in the handbook.

Safety cameras are there to make our roads safer, not to make money.

  • The Council
  • the Safety Camera Units
  • Police Scotland
  • the Scottish Government

do not receive any revenue from speeding or red-light fines. All fines resulting from offences detected by safety cameras are returned to HM Treasury.

Road Safety