Christmas recycling tips

Did you know?

  • Last Christmas you helped us recycle 5,531 tonnes of waste - that's about the same weight as 47,000 Santas!
  • The amount of Christmas wrapping paper thrown away in the UK each year could stretch from Edinburgh to the North Pole 100 times. Make sure you recycle yours this year.
  • Whilst glittery, foil and metallic wrapping paper and cards add sparkle to your Christmas, they can't be recycled.
  • Recycling one kitchen caddy of food waste can create enough energy to power a TV for five hours and recycling six clean mince pie foil cases saves enough energy to watch an hour of TV.
  • We turn all your food recycling into energy and fertiliser.
  • Recycling one glass bottle saves enough energy to make 14 slices of toast.

Festive recycling tips

  • Save money and avoid food waste by turning your leftovers into delicious meals. Check out love food hate waste for tasty recipes. Any scraps that are leftover can be popped in your food waste bin.
  • You can use any bag to collect your food waste (biodegradable, paper or plastic bags including bread bags, cereal packets or old shopping bags).
  • Use your leftover wrapping paper to cover school books or to make bunting for your Hogmanay party.
  • We can recycle your Christmas cards and the envelopes they come in - except glittery, foil or metallic ones!
  • Give your plastics and cans a rinse before they go in the bin. They don't need to be sparkling clean but doing this helps make sure the recycling is high quality and can be properly recycled.
  • Flatten and fold cardboard boxes before putting them in your bin.  If you have any extra cardboard you can't fit in your bin,  make sure it's bundled up and place it nearly beside your green bin, and we'll recycle it for you. You can also take larger boxes to one of our recycling centres.
  • If you're recycling your Christmas tree remember to remove its base, decorations and cut it in half if it's over 6ft before popping it neatly on the kerbside on its collection day. 

What goes where?

Green lidded recycling bins

  • Paper - including wrapping paper, envelopes and Christmas cards (no glittery, foil or metallic ones)
  • Cardboard and drinks cartons
  • Plastic bottles (with lids), pots, tubs and trays - including empty plastic toiletry/household cleaning bottles
  • Tins/cans
  • Empty aerosols
  • Clean tin foil - including mince pie cases!

Blue boxes and purple lidded communal glass bins

  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Blue boxes only - small electricals for example, hairdryers and toasters and batteries in a clear plastic bag left on top of your blue box

Grey lidded food recycling bins

  • All your cooked and uncooked food, including meat and bones.