Travelling Safely

Towards a net zero 2030

In the year of COP26 and the Scottish Government’s declaration of a ‘code red’ climate emergency, the Council is keen to create a lasting legacy for the projects put in place under temporary Spaces for People.

In our City Mobility Plan, we've set out our aims to

  • make it easier for people to get about
  • have a positive impact on health and wellbeing 
  • help us meet our net carbon-free targets.

We've proposed that we should continue with some of the temporary measures. This will allow us to test them out for a longer period when traffic is closer to 'normal' levels. We will get a better insight into how they are working and inform if we need to make any changes if they are made permanent. Obviously, any permanent measures would go through the formal (TRO) approal process

In addition, as the pandemic has progressed, it's clear that COVID-19 has not gone away. We're likely to have physical distancing with us for a while.

The plans we are taking forward will

  • encourage more people to switch to sustainable ways to travel
  • make it more pleasant, easier and safer for people to explore their local area
  • support high street and city centre businesses by providing more space for people
  • improve road safety
  • improve our health and well being
  • reduce carbon dioxide emissions, to help the city achieve its net zero carbon aims by 2030.