Bus shelter replacement programme

Older bus shelters with advertising panels are being replaced across the city to provide commuters with more modern, transparent and accessible facilities.  

The first renewal phase involving these shelters was completed in April 2018 with the second phase delivered in February 2019. The programme for future phases will continue until all are replaced to continue to provide Edinburgh's commuters with excellent public transport infrastructure.

The next renewals will commence in early 2020 when around 50 new passenger facilites are due to be installed.    

Replacing a bus shelter can take up to two weeks, depending on the type of facilty being installed. It can involve

  • power transfer
  • shelter removal 
  • new shelter foundation installation
  • new shelter installation. 

The foundations can take up to seven days to complete and no other activity can take place until the concrete foundation has cured.

Commuters will be signposted to another nearby stop or temporary bus stop when the renewal process is taking place.  

Public transport and accessibility

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