Seafield sewage works

We have limited powers to deal with smells from Seafield sewage works that affect people in the Leith Links area.

In the event of strong odours that last for some time, please contact us on

0131 200 2000

We have a team of trained staff who check the area for strong and long lasting odours.

Law and duties

We need to ensure that Scottish Water, and the works operator, Veolia Water, do all they can to keep smells to a minimum. However, we are unable to force Scottish Water to stop all odours. This is due to the location of the works and the effects of local weather conditions.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) also have responsibility to monitor odour release. This relates to the part of works that deals with waste which is treated, stored and transported away from the site. We will notify SEPA if odours are found due to that part of the process.