Low emission zone

Funding to prepare

To help people adapt to the zone, funds are available for people who will have most difficulty preparing for low emission zones. This includes 

  • small businesses
  • sole traders 
  • households on low incomes

within 20 kilometres (12 miles) of the zone.

The grants are funded by the Scottish Government and delivered by the Energy Saving Trust to encourage people to scrap vehicles which don't comply with LEZ standards. You must take the vehicles to an authorised treatment facility.


You can apply for funding if you

  • are on a low income, receiving certain benefits
  • scrap a vehicle which doesn't comply with LEZ standards in an authorised facility. 

If so, you can get grants of up to £3,000,

  • £2,000 to scrap the vehicle
  • up to £500 of 'Travel Better' vouchers for each adult in the household (maximum of £1,000 per household).

You can find out more details and whether your household can apply on Energy Saving Trust's website.

Small businesses and sole traders

Grants of £2,500 are available to small businesses with nine or fewer full-time employees and sole traders who take vehicles to be scrapped in an authorised treatment facility. More about support for business is on Energy Saving Trust's website.

Other support

To help people move towards more sustainable transport, there is other financial support available including loans to buy

  • e-bikes
  • family cargo bikes
  • adapted cycles
  • electric vehicles.