Low emission zone


National exemptions

Some vehicles will be allowed into the LEZ, whether they meet the standards or not as often it is not easy to adapt these vehicles to the meet the LEZ standards. This is set out in the LEZ law and applies across all of Scotland's LEZs. This is likely to include

  • vehicles for people with disabilities, including blue badge holders
  • historic vehicles (vehicles over 30 years old, no longer in production and preserved in original state)
  • emergency vehicles
  • military vehicles
  • showman’s vehicles.

Note: As with Scotland’s other LEZs, motorcycles and mopeds will be allowed in Edinburgh's zone.

Local exemptions

The law allows the Council to issue temporary ('time limited') exemptions for the zone in 'exceptional and unique circumstances' on an ad hoc basis. These can only apply for a period of up to one year, which may be renewed.

We are not proposing any local exemptions for Edinburgh's LEZ. This is to make sure that air pollution, which harms vulnerable people, is reduced to safe and legal levels. We've decided to take this approach as there is

  • a national exemption for people who have blue badges
  • funding is available to support
    • small business
    • sole traders
    • households on low incomes
  • other support available to help people use more sustainable transport
  • proposed two year grace period for all types of vehicles before we charge penalities.