Low emission zone

About the consultation

We are now looking for people's views on

  • city centre zone boundary
  • two-year 'grace' period before fines (penalties) are introduced
  • anything we should consider for local exemptions.

We also want to understand what people know about

  • LEZs in general
  • support funds / grants
  • loans available for other sustainable transport options.

Please give us your views on our online consultation hub.

Speaking to particular groups and organisations

We will also get views from key stakeholders

  • businesses
  • key organisations including
    • Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)
    • NatureScot (formerly Scottish Natural Heritage)
    • Historic Environment Scotland
    • South East of Scotland Transport Partnership (SEStran)
    • NHS Lothian
    • neighbouring councils
  • representatives of
    • drivers who may be affected by the proposed scheme
    • road haulage industry
    • bus and coach industry
    • taxi and private hire car businesses.

What happens after the consultation

We will analyse the responses then take a report, in Autumn 2021, to councillors on the Transport and Environment Committee. They will decide if they approve the proposed zone. If the committee approves it (with or without minor adjustments), we will make the final scheme available to everyone by the end of 2021.

Following this, by law we must give at least 28 days to allow anyone to make objections. The committee will reflect on any objections made and decide if we should make changes to the zone. They may consider a formal examination.

The LEZ scheme is then submitted to the Scottish Government for approval. They may also consider a formal examination. 

If the scheme is significantly altered after the statutory consultation and formal objections stages, we may have to carry out the consultation and engagement process again.