Low emission zone scheme

We want people in Edinburgh to enjoy

  • cleaner air
  • better health
  • a more pleasant and attractive city.

Air pollution is harmful to health, especially for

  • the young
  • the elderly
  • those with heart and lung conditions.

Edinburgh has made good progress in reducing levels of air pollution. There are still streets where nitrogen dioxide is at levels that exceed the legal standards, so we need to take more action.

Road traffic the main source of nitrogen dioxide.

Low emission zones explained

Low emission zones (LEZ) reduce pollution levels and improve air quality by stopping the most polluting vehicles entering a specific area.

Only the cleanest vehicles can travel in a LEZ. Penalty charges will apply to vehicles entering a LEZ that don’t meet these standards.

The Scottish Government is working with

  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Dundee 
  • Aberdeen

to put LEZs in place. Find out more about the Scottish LEZs plans including vehicle emission standards.

Edinburgh’s low emission zone proposal

The Scottish Enviromental Protection Agency (SEPA) produced a report on the air quality evidence for Edinburgh (PDF).

Working with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and Transport Scotland, we developed LEZ proposals for Edinburgh.

We sought views on these proposals and presented feedback to the Transport and Environment Committee (PDF) in October 2019.

This feedback, alongside further technical work and information from groups who may be affected by the changes are being considered in order to finalise a Low emission zone for Edinburgh.