Planning and Building Standards coronavirus update

Building standards

The Building Standards helpdesk at Waverley Court is closed. However, our pre warrant application discussion service is open.

We are still

  • assessing Building Warrant applications submitted via the eBuildingStandards Portal
  • issuing Building Warrant reports  
  • granting Building Warrants
  • processing completion and temporary occupation certificates where possible.

This may take slightly longer than usual as our team is working remotely so we appreciate your patience and understanding. Our priority is to keep our staff and customers safe while meeting our statutory obligations.

Site inspections

The Scottish Government has eased some of the restrictions for construction sites.

Any reports we receive regarding construction work being carried out on a site, in contravention to the guidance, will be reported to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Read the HSE guidance to report any concerns.

Site inspections are being phased back in. We encourage

  • videos
  • photos 
  • video calls

to process completion certificates. It may be appropriate in certain cases for us to issue temporary occupation certificates and follow these up later with site inspections.

If your project is complete we may advise you to submit an application for temporary occupation or use along with all other relevant certification referred to in your Construction Compliance Notification Plan (CCNP). This way we can, subject to satisfactory alternative evidence, issue a temporary occupation certificate.

The alternative evidence should include, but not be limited to, photos and video, or preferably a video call on FaceTime or Skype. Email your case officer to arrange a video call.

When Covid-19 is deemed to be under control, we will carry out a non-disruptive survey of the property prior to accepting the completion certificate.

During this period please record and retain alternative evidence for your project, such as photos, to help confirm compliance during construction. Consider photos of

  • drainage 
  • insulation
  • pre wall lining stage
  • cavity barriers 
  • wall ties.

We use this in the determination of the completion certificate.

New Building Warrant submissions and payments

Submit Building Warrant submissions.

We can’t accept paper submissions or cash or card payments. For payment enquiries email

[email protected]

Urgent cases

For any urgent cases, for example work to a property for an essential service, we’ll make arrangements to process these projects as quickly as possible.

Other queries and ongoing work

For other types of projects, such as alterations to a house or flat, you can occupy the premises without an acceptance of a completion certificate issued by us.

If warrants expire during this time, we can extend the duration of the warrant. You will require to submit an application form along with the relevant fee.