Privately-owned trees

If you would like to do works to a tree, first check if the tree is protected by a Tree Preservation Order - TPO or in a conservation area.

Our interactive map shows details of TPOs and conservation areas. Click on the points on the map for details.

If you are using a tablet or smartphone please use the mobile friendly version of the map.

Download guidance on protected trees - PDF

If the tree is not protected you don't need our permission to work on it. If trees are not in a garden work may still require failing permission from Scottish Forestry.

Get permission for works to protected trees

Trees under a TPO

Where TPOs protect

  • individual trees
  • groups of trees
  • woodlands

permission is needed to carry out any work on these trees or which damages these trees.

Apply to carry out works on trees

It is an offence to

  • cut dow
  • lop
  • top
  • uproot
  • wilfully damage or destroy

a protected tree without permission.

Trees in a conservation area

Before starting any tree work within a conservation area, 6 weeks written notice must be given to us before any works can be carried out. The notice must detail the nature and extent of the proposed work and clearly identifying the trees.

Notify us of tree works within a conservation area

Check if tree work has permission

Check if tree work has permission

Other issues

Nuisance trees

We cannot intervene in issues where trees on private property adversely affect adjacent private property.

Download guidance on privately owned trees - PDF

Trees on Council land

Read more about trees and woodlands.

Report foliage overhanging or causing a danger to a road or footpath 

Report overhanging foliage

High hedges

Read more about high hedges.