Edinburgh Urban Design Panel

The Edinburgh Urban Design Panel gives design advice. We aim to raise the quality of new

  • buildings
  • streets
  • spaces

in Edinburgh. We review schemes at a meeting and give reports on them. These reports help

  • designers
  • developers
  • planners

develop and improve their proposals.

The panel meets monthly and reviews one to three schemes per meeting. As well as new developments, we review Council policy and guidance that has an impact on design.

Once a planning application is made, the panel reports are available as part of the planning records.

Download remit, functions, roles and procedures - PDF

Presenting to the panel

It is very important to provide your information eight days in advance. This ensures that panel members have enough time to understand your proposals. Our pro forma sets out the information you must include.

Reviews normally last for one hour.

A planning officer will give the panel planning context for your proposals and highlight any policy issues that have a design impact. You will then have ten minutes to give your presentation. Remember, the panel has already seen your advance information.

Panel members will ask points of clarification before the discussion moves to providing advice. Towards the end of the meeting, panel members will sum up their advice.

The chair will then set out what will be included in the report. A report will be circulated to panel members for their comments.

You will receive a copy of the final report two weeks after the review. The panel does not provide further comment on its reports.


A senior planning manager chairs the meeting. The Council provides secretarial support for the panel.

Each organisation sends one representative except the EAA which has three members.