Edinburgh hearing loss support directory

Self management

Using the telephone

You can get advice from Deaf Action on the right landline telephone for you.

If you have a mobile phone, you can also use the Relay UK app, which is a free text relay service.

Text to speech technology

If you find it difficult to hear conversations, there are many great pieces of equipment you can use. Deaf Action can give you advice on these. You can also download a speech to text app on your Smartphone, such as "Live Transcribe".

Deaf Action equipment service 

If you live in the City of Edinburgh Council area and have a diagnosis of hearing loss you are entitled to certain pieces of free equipment. Contact Deaf Action for more information.  Staff can also demonstrate and advise on equipment for you to purchase yourself.

Telephone: 0131 556 3128 
SMS: 07775 620 757
Email: [email protected]

Managing your hearing loss

This six week course runs for two hours each week. Suitable for people with a hearing loss and their partners/friends. For more information email [email protected]. Hoping to run a course starting October 2020.

Hearing Link community support volunteer service

One-to-one support for people with hearing loss through experienced volunteers who offer emotional and practical support and signposting to services that can help a person with acquired hearing loss and their families to adjust to the challenges of their hearing.

Hearing Link LinkUps group support 

This group covers aspects of self-management from coping strategies, to personal safety and managing frustrations They are led by experienced volunteers who have personal experience of hearing loss, and aim to give you, a partner, family member or friend the information to help you each better manage the changes hearing loss can bring.

Hearing Link intensive rehabilitation programme

For those with severe-to-profound hearing loss. This is a five-day residential course.

Help for veterans

Hearing Forces delivers information and support around hearing loss and tinnitus to veterans and their family members aged over 65. Email [email protected]  

Hearing Dogs

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People take applications for Hearing Dogs a number of times each year to support people with hearing loss. Dogs are provided free of charge to successful applicants and most partnerships are provided with support throughout the lifetime of the dog. The charity trains dogs to work in different roles depending on the needs of the applicant and include Confidence Companions, Sound Support Dogs and Accredited Hearing Dogs. Find out more Hearing Dogs.

Action on Hearing Loss: Hear to Inform & Connect

Hear to Inform & Connect delivers information and support around hearing loss and the assistive technology which can support those with hearing loss.


Deaf Action lipreading course

This course is free for two years. For details you can visit the Deaf Action website, visit the Deaf Action Facebook page or email [email protected]  

City of Edinburgh Council deaf learners service lipreading courses

This course is free for two years. When a new two year course is recruiting, information is on Join in Edinburgh or you can email [email protected] 

City of Edinburgh Council adult education courses

We often run lipreading classes which you pay for according to your means. They are advertised on Join in Edinburgh.

You can visit the Scottish Course to Train Tutors of Lipreading to look at some videos and find out whether lipreading is for you. You may also find the Public Resources section (scroll down to the bottom of the page) useful in helping you decide whether to give a lipreading course a try.

If you cannot find a place on a lipreading course, you can try lipreading online.

City of Edinburgh Council libraries: Get Online

Get Online are groups at libraries across the city aimed at promoting digital literacy and inclusion. They offer 1:1 support to learners on the device they own and bring along. Groups run for two-hourly slots each week for five weeks.

In addition to Get Online, we offer more specialised digital assistance for people with visual and hearing disabilities. E-mail [email protected]

Services for deafblind people

Deafblind Scotland provides advice and support but also a Guide/Communicator Service. Deafblind Scotland’s Guide/Communicator service is available across Scotland. The service is tailored to meet an individual’s needs. It changes lives by enabling people to remain involved in their own community by:

  • Ensuring equal access for individuals living with dual sensory impairment or deafblindness.
  • Promoting independence
  • Providing stimulation
  • Encouraging integration into the community

Guide/Communicators are highly skilled individuals, trained to be the eyes and ears of a deafblind person. They relay information, facilitate communication with others and ensure they are able to get about safely. They are neutral, alert and give information, not advice, without prior selection or processing.