Edinburgh hearing loss support directory

Social work and health services

Social workEHSCP hearing loss

If you need help with day to day living, then you may need support from the specialist social work service for hard of hearing people.  You don’t need a referral from a health professional, you can contact Social Care Direct yourself. This service operates for Deaf BSL users too, but also accepts complex cases where the main reason for the difficulties is the person's hearing loss.

0131 200 2324
[email protected]

You can contact Deaf Action directly

0131 556 3128
SMS: 07775 620757
[email protected]

Lothian deaf mental health service

Helps people deal with emotional and practical problems associated with deafness. You can self refer to this service.

0131 556 3128
SMS: 07815 637 019 or 07815 637 024 
[email protected]

Lothian deaf counselling service

Lothian Deaf Counselling service is funded by NHS Lothian. It provides counselling for

  • hard of hearing people
  • deafened people
  • deafblind people
  • Deaf British Sign Language (BSL) users.

You can self refer or be referred to the service. The service is delivered by Health in Mind. Visit Health In Mind for information.

NHS Lothian Edinburgh audiology clinic

Special COVID-19 service in operation email 

[email protected]

You need a referral from your GP to get your hearing tested if you are not already an existing audiology patient.

Once you have a hearing aid, you can get in touch with audiology directly without the need for a GP referral.

The clinic is open Monday to Thursday from 8.30am to 5pm and Friday  8.30am to 4pm at

Level 1
Lauriston Building
Lauriston Place
EH3 9EN.

Call 0131 536 1637 on weekdays 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 4pm
[email protected]

Hearing aid repair clinics

These clinics are running at a reduced face to face service. We do however have a drop box available on the 1st floor of Lauriston Building opposite the audiology reception. Put your hearing aid in an envelope with a note of your name, date of birth and short description of the problem inside the envelope and we will repair and send it back to you.

The postal repair service is available as normal for maintenance and repair of faulty hearing aids. You must ensure you

  • use correct postage
  • write your address on the back of the envelope
  • include your aids, name and date of birth and short description of the problem inside the envelope. 

Do not use a standard first or second class stamp to post aids to the department.

If you are unable to access any of these repair options, please contact us as we have a volunteer support service. 

New hearing aid mould

If you need a new mould, contact the audiology department.

Looking after your hearing aid

Watch videos by NHS Lothian on hearing aid maintenance.

Facebook page

Visit NHS Lothian's Audiology Facebook page for information on hearing loss.

Hearing aid batteries

Special COVID-19 service in operation

To get supplies of batteries you can contact the audiology department in Lauriston Building. Details are above.

Batteries are also available at

Recycling points

Recycle hearing aid batteries by putting them on top of your blue recycling box in a plastic bag or take them to a supermarket or shop. Find your a battery recycling point.

Cochlear implants

The Scottish Cochlear Implant Programme is based at University Hospital Crosshouse in Kilmarnock. If you’re looking for information on cochlear implants please contact the centre:

01563 827 323 
Text: 07824 598 277
[email protected] 
Visit the Scottish Cochlear Implant Programme website

The cochlear implant service is hoping to re-launch their cochlear impact user support group on a regional basis—Focus (Friends of Cochlear implant Users Scotland)—in autumn 2019.

Speak to a member of staff to access peer support in Scotland.

Two peer support groups specifically for cochlear implant recipients in the UK are

Private Audiology Services

You can check the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologist's website to search for a private audiologist. 

Which? Magazine published an article rating NHS and private audiology services in their December 2020/January 2021 issue which you could check through Ediburgh Libraries.