How to get a direct payment

How to use a direct payment

We usually pay your direct payment (DP) into a special bank account, called the allpay card account. It is a MasterCard account. There are no cheques or cash payments.

We help you to complete the paperwork to set up the allpay card account. We ask that allpay send the card to you with instructions on how to activate your card. 

We can take back any DP money you don't use. We discuss with you any problems you have using the DP money.

You must

  • comply with all tax responsibilities and employment law if you are employing a personal assistant (PA)
  • keep records of how you spend the money.

We review how the DP is working for you around 6 weeks after you first receive it.

If you have any questions about your allpay card account or your payments, contact us on

0131 469 3334

We can answer your calls Monday to Thursday 9am to 4pm and Friday 9am to 2pm.

Arrange your support

You can choose who works for you by employing a PA. You have legal responsibilities as an employer. 

Before deciding to employ your own PA, it is important that you understand your responsibilities. Support organisations can give you information and advice to help you decide. They can

  • help you recruit the right person
  • provide payroll services
  • help with legal requirements
  • advise on staffing issues and on being a good employer.

Before you decide which agency to use, you should them to discuss your needs. You can choose any agency as long as it is registered with the Care Inspectorate. Make sure you have a contract which sets out the support they offer you.

You can use a mixture of PAs and agency support. This is a way of making sure you have support if your PA is ill or can't work on a particular day.