Parking Action Plan

About the Parking Action Plan

Parking policy is an important part of Edinburgh’s City Mobility Plan and achieving our target to be a net zero carbon city by 2030.

It will help us

  • tackle congestion
  • improve safety 
  • keep traffic moving smoothly.

All of this encourages more people to walk, wheel, cycle or use public transport, which in turn helps to reduce car use.

The Parking Action plan was approved by the Transport and Environment Committee on 12 June 2016.

Download the June 2016 Transport and Environment Committee parking action plan report - PDF

Download the February 2020 Transport and Environment Committee parking action plan report - PDF

Download the parking action plan summary - PDF

The plan aims to

  • manage available parking spaces effectively to benefit everyone, including residents, shoppers, visitors and businesses
  • support local and national policies on sustainable travel, air quality and reducing vehicle emissions
  • provide a structured approach to pricing across all parking-related charges.

It complements the work on other transport action plans to improve road safety, bus services and encourage more people to walk and cycle.

Read more about our Road Safety Action Plan, Public and Accessible Transport Action Plan and Active Travel Action Plan.

What’s changing

Sunday afternoon parking controls in the city centre (zones 1-4).

Shared-use parking places in zones 1-8 to allow the same parking place to be used by either a permit holder or pay and display customer.

Visitor parking permits introduced for customers in zones 1-8, making it even easier for residents to receive visitors.

Changing banding structure for residents parking permits from a 5-band to a 7-band system. Charges will continue to be based on either your vehicles engine size or CO2 emissions. 

Emissions- based charging introduced in zone K.