Starting nursery or P1 in August

Children starting nursery or P1 in August 2020 would normally be preparing for this with their childminder or nursery. Due to the restrictions, we have changed how we do this.

We are getting children thinking about moving on to nursery or P1 using Michael Rosen’s book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. This means that no matter what nursery your child goes to, or what primary school they move into, all children will be familiar with the same story and will have shared experiences.

There will be more fun things to do based on the story when they move on to nursery or school.

Join in Edinburgh’s bear hunt

Over the next six weeks, we’re going on a bear hunt in Edinburgh, taking part in fun activities based on Michael Rosen’s book. Every child who is coming to nursery or P1 after the summer is doing the same – join us!

Join in with anything your child thinks is fun and don’t worry if there are things they don’t want to do.

See the activities below. Come back each week for new activities for families and the community or go to Bear Hunt Edinburgh.

Share pictures from your Bear Hunt adventures on Twitter #BearHuntEdin.                                                                           

Week 1 from Monday 18 May - the story

  • Go on a yoga bear hunt with Cosmic Kids. Tweet a picture of your best bear hunt yoga pose using #BearHuntEdin
  • Share the story of We’re going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen. Read the book or watch and listen to it.
  • Put a bear in your window for other people to see. When you go out for a walk, go on your very own bear hunt to spot bears in the windows.

Week 2 from Monday 25 May - senses

  • On your own Bear Hunt see how many bears you can spot in the windows. Count them as you go. Will you get to 10,20,30 or even 100? What colours are they? Are they big or small?
  • How about growing some cress? Wet some tissue or cotton wool and put it in an old yoghurt pot. Sprinkle over the seeds. Cover with clingfilm. Watch it grow and turn into great ‘swishy, swashy’, grass!
  • What about making a mini bear hunt? What can you use for grass, mud or snow? See what you can find in the house or collect natural things on your walks to make a picture, map or model.
  • Add to your window display - put some greenery/flowers, your cress or something from your adventure in the window with your bear.
  • Share a drawing or photo on Twitter #BearHuntEdin

Week 3 from Monday 1 June – the journey

  • Get your wellies on and hunt for a muddy puddle. See if you can make a ‘squelch, squerch’ noise. If you can’t find a puddle you could make the same noise with jelly.
  • Listen to the story again – this time listen to how composer Ian Stephens has told the story through music.
  • Make a bubble snowstorm. Your grown up can blow the bubbles and you can run through the snowstorm ‘Hoo Woooooo!’ Try to make bubbles with a silly sock.
  • Try making the ‘splish splosh’ sound from the story. Collect some different sized stones and drop them in a bowl of water. A big stone will make a big splash. Can you leave a stone in your window with your bear?

The themes for each week are:

  1. the story
  2. senses
  3. the journey
  4. sounds
  5. feelings
  6. connections

When schools reopen

We don’t know when schools will reopen, but when they do there will be changes to keep children and teachers safe and classrooms might look a bit different.

We will make sure that all children

  • will have the best start to P1.
  • feel welcome and find something they enjoy at school.

Teachers and staff in schools are aware of what a challenging time this is for families. They will support your child and encourage them back into community life, with lots of chances to build relationships, make friends and play to learn.