Information on 1140 hours funded childcare

Drawing of group of pre-school children

We’re increasing early learning and childcare statutory funding for every 3 and 4-year old and eligible 2-year old from 600 to 1140 hours by August 2021.

We already offer 1140 hours in some areas. We'll continue to do this in our own early years settings - where we’ve already started and where the demand for places does not exceed availability. 

We’ll also continue to work with our partner providers to deliver 1140 hours places where they are able to do so.

Children receive funding from the term after their 3rd birthday.

You may be able to benefit from the increased hours with

  • longer opening hours
  • a move from term-time to year-round opening
  • a blended model of care offering a mix of nursery class and forest kindergarten or a childminder
  • funded hours at our partner provider nurseries.

Please contact your local nursery for more information.

View early years 1140 hours video with audio description

Consultation on 1140 hours

We consulted with

  • parents and carers
  • Council staff
  • partnership nurseries
  • playgroups and childminders

to find out what early learning and childcare provision was need and wanted across Edinburgh.

View the consultation details.