Throughcare and aftercare specialist support

If you use throughcare and aftercare, you can phone to speak to our specialists based at 249 High Street. 

0131 529 6700

Call Monday to Thursday 9am to 4:30pm or Friday 9am to 3:30pm.

Read about the specialists below.


An NHS nurse practitioner offers confidential, one to one health advice.

The nurse practitioner can

  • offer a full health check 
  • provide pregnancy testing
  • give you, your family and carers health information or advice
  • work with, or refer you to, other services 
  • offer healthy living activities
  • help you to access other health services.

Mental health 

Two full time members of staff support young people with mental health issues. This includes drug and alcohol difficulties. 

Our mental health workers can refer a young person to mainstream psychiatric or support services. They can also help with the move from child to adult services.


The Housing Development worker helps young people who are 

  • most at risk of becoming homeless 
  • struggling to manage their accommodation due to a chaotic lifestyle. 

We give support to help you remain in appropriate accommodation.

Help with reading and writing

We can help care leavers who have difficulty with reading, writing or numbers.

Help sorting out your benefits and debts

An information and advice worker can help with problems with benefits. They sure you are getting all the money you are due and can find out how you can get help with debts.

Careers, training and skills

A careers officer from Skills Development Scotland is in 249 High Street on Tuesday. They help with job searches, writing CVs or getting a place at college, training course or work placement. 

Throughcare and aftercare

Address: 249 High Street,

Telephone: 0131 529 6404