TCAC for professionals - housing

As a young person’s allocated worker you can make a referral to the Housing and Support Panel. The group meets each month to consider the accommodation and housing support needs of those eligible for services.

Download housing support forms and reports (PDFs and DOCs)

Refer a young person

To complete a referral please read the guidance notes and fill in the

  • background report
  • risk assessment.

The young person should complete a housing and support application form.

Email the completed background report, risk assessment and application form to

[email protected]

We need a copy of the completed signature page of the young person’s application form. 

You must submit your referral by midday, seven days before the panel meets. The panel meets on the last Wednesday of each month, a week earlier in December.

For each month that the referral to the panel remains open, you must complete an update report.

Housing panel

All key supported accommodation providers and housing support agencies attend the housing panel. 

Throughcare and aftercare

Address: 249 High Street,

Telephone: 0131 529 6404