Report a business for breaching COVID-19 rules

As lockdown measures are gradually eased, the Council will monitor the operation of businesses in Edinburgh to ensure they comply with the guidance and regulations set out by the Scottish Government.

Breaches of COVID-19 regulations can include businesses which are operating when they are not permitted or those businesses which can open but are not following social distancing. If you are unsure, you can check which businesses are allowed to be open.

Social distancing requirements will vary by the specific circumstances for each business, but may include:

  • 2m marked queueing systems, both inside and outside the business
  • One-way systems
  • Staff controlling the number of people within the premises
  • Screens or other physical barriers

Report a business 

If you wish to report a business which is not operating to the social distancing measures set out by the Scottish Government, you can report them to us for investigation. All reports must be made in writing and emailed to Covid-19 business complaints.