Green Pencil Award 2019

Going, going, gone: Scotland's wildlife in danger?

 The Green Pencil Award is our annual environmentally-themed creative writing competition. It is open to all P4 to S3-aged children and young people in Edinburgh.

Theme: Going, going, gone: Scotland's wildlife in danger?

There has been a lot of attention given recently to climate change and its effects on the natural environment, so this year our theme is ‘Going, going, gone: Scotland's wildlife in danger?’.

Scotland is home to a diverse range of wildlife, on the coast and in the countryside. Not all wild Scottish animals are endangered, but some such as the pine marten and the red squirrel are at particular risk.

We want to encourage children and young people to write imaginatively about this wildlife and their feelings about it. This could be by writing about

  • a particular species of animal
  •  a time when they have seen a wild animal at close quarters
  • an animal or bird that has a special connection to the writer.

The golden eagle, wildcat, bottle-nosed dolphin, red squirrel and pine marten are all protected species, but you can write about the capercaillie, otter, mountain hare, orca, puffin, or even the damselfly or honey bee!


Download the entry form and information - PDFs

The possibilities for your entry are endless

  • haiku
  • prose
  • poetry 
  • imaginative tale
  • a creative kenning
  • ballad
  • a story inspired by a visit or holiday.

It is up to you!

All we ask is that the writing is the author’s own work and is no longer than one side of A4 paper.

The closing date is 11 October 2019.

The awards ceremony is at Central Library on 28 November 2019.