Support for highest risk group, vulnerable, self-isolating or need financial help due to COVID-19

Updated 30 July 2021

The Scottish Government has announced an easing of lockdown restrictions and a return to local protection levels.

If you’re in the highest risk group, you should follow the general advice for your local protection level. The highest risk group used to be known as ‘the shielding list’. You can read the latest Scottish Government guidance for the highest risk group to find out more.

Support for for residents who are in the highest risk group or are vulnerable

If you're in the highest risk group, or you are vulnerable and need guidance or help, you can call us on 

0131 200 2306 

or email 

[email protected].

Out of hours, if emergency support is needed call

0131 200 2000

Rapid coronavirus (COVID-19) testing

Everyone can now request supplies of lateral flow device (LFD) testing kits. Lateral flow device (LFD) testing kits can give quick results for people that have no symptoms (asymptomatic). The tests are intended to be taken regularly in order to identify people who may have Covid-19 before they develop symptoms.

If you are on the highest risk group, you may find it beneficial if members of your household participate in regular testing.

You can order your LFD testing kit or call

0300 303 2713

Resilience centres

To allow us to support our most vulnerable residents, we have established five Council Resilience Centres (CRCs) for people who require access to emergency assistance with urgent homelessness, collection of pre-arranged cash payments, and harassment cases where imminent and real threat exists. For other services, due to risk of coming to our buildings, please don’t visit a CRC, please contact us via phone or online instead. Find details of how to get in touch, including the location of your nearest CRC.

Other groups that can help

Volunteer Edinburgh's Community Taskforce has fully trained and insured volunteers who are able to help anyone who needs support with practical tasks such as shopping, pet care, dog walking or small gardening tasks. If you or someone you know needs help please contact them on 0131 225 0630 or email [email protected]

Further information and support

We also have lots of information on our Coronavirus webpages which might give you the advice and information you need: