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Tenant Grant Fund

Access to the fund will be paused with effect from Midnight on 15 September 2022.

Any requests for support from the fund that have already been received, and any new requests received by 15 September 2022, will be given full consideration.

The Scottish Government has given funding to Scottish Local Authorities to support the work they are doing to prevent homelessness by creating a grants fund.

This fund is being administered in line with the Scottish Government guidelines with the aim of supporting homelessness prevention.

To be eligible for a grant, a tenant must have rent arrears arising as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic during the period between 23 March 2020 and 9 August 2021.

The fund can provide a grant to help tenants to come to an agreement with their landlords for repaying rent arrears and to remain in their home. Any grant award would be paid directly to landlords to credit a tenant’s rent account.

Grants awards will continue to be available beyond 31 March 2022. Funding available is limited.

Who is eligible

To be eligible for this grant you must be a tenant in Edinburgh living in the private or social rented sector and meet the following criteria.

  1. You are at risk of becoming homeless or do not have alternative sources of support.
  2. You are in rent arrears due to the Covid-19 pandemic with the arrears arising between 23 March 2020 and 9 August 2021.
  3. Your landlord must be either a
    • Local Authority
    • Registered Social Landlord
    • Private landlord registered on the Scottish Landlord Register or have recently made a valid application to the Scottish Landlord Register.

Tenants may have had an eviction notice or the case may be due to go to court. However, consideration will also be given where legal action to recover the tenancy has not yet started. More details and evidence of the stage of action will be requested to make an appropriate grant award.

Arrears that built up before 23 March 2020 are not eligible. Arrears built up after 9 August 2021 will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Application process

Through our prevention of homelessness processes we should already be aware of those at highest risk. Tenants, landlords or agencies working with households who think they may meet the criteria should make an enquiry by emailing

Grant amount and conditions

The grant amount paid is based on individual circumstances in line with eligibility.

Where a decision is taken to award a grant, both the landlord and tenant must agree to certain conditions around ensuring the tenancy can be sustained. For example, withdrawing or suspending any legal proceedings for eviction and the tenant agreeing to pay the rent and any remaining rent arrears going forward through an affordable repayment plan. Conditions will be discussed during the process and confirmed in the offer letter. 

This payment will not be taken into account for benefit or Income Tax purposes.


Any grant award will be paid directly to the landlord and credited to the rent account to reduce any rent arrears and prevent homelessness. This may be a full or partial payment of the arrears.

Grants awards will be calculated when the decision maker is satisfied that the evidence provided supports all the required criteria. Grants will then be paid when both landlord and tenant have agreed to the terms of a grant offer that will be issued for agreement.

The grant is a one-off payment and does not need to be paid back.

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