Report a problem with a road / pothole, street light, pavement or rainwater / storm drain

If you have registered with our website and sign-in , you can leave this form at any time and complete it later.

Use this form to report problems such as potholes, faulty street lights, fallen trees, debris blocking access or overflowing rainwater / storm drains.  If the problem is with a sewage drain, or a leak on the public road, report this through the Scottish Water website.

After submitting this form you will receive an email receipt with a web reference number.

The relevant service team will be informed of the issue you have reported within 5 working days and we will contact you to confirm this has been done.

If the problem is urgent or an emergency, weekdays 8am - 8pm, please contact CLARENCE on 0800 23 23 23

Outwith 8am - 8pm or at weekends, please call our emergency service on 0131 200 2000