Make a subject access request

You can complete this form without registering or signing in. You will receive an email receipt after you submit the form.

You can use this form to make a Subject Access Request.

The information you supply will only be used for the purposes of processing your subject access request and will not be shared without your consent unless the Council is required to do so by law.

We will ask you

  • what service you are asking for information from
  • what kind of information you are looking for
  • for scanned copies of your proof of identification (or you can post them)

If you have any questions about this form, or the process you have to follow, please contact us.

0131 200 2340

Please take care if you are using a public computer - don't leave the computer unattended with personal information on the screen.

Requesting information about someone else

If you are making a request on behalf of someone else, you cannot use this online form.

You need to download the authorisation form (PDF, 129KB), and the SAR form (PDF, 190KB), and return them to us.