Order equipment to help you live at home

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You can use this form to order small items of equipment such as walking sticks and pick up reachers. You can also order items that need to be installed by us such as grabrails, handrails and banisters.  These items are free of charge.  If you wish to order equipment for children under 16, you need to contact Social Care Direct.

You may want to search our equipment directory to view and make a note of items before using this form. You should be able to order all the items you need using one form.

For other items such as bath seats, toilet seats, walking frames, and bed rails, you will need a professional assessment.  The assessor will work out which items are most suitable and safe for you to use.  You can contact Social Care Direct for advice on how to arrange this.  Wheelchairs are available though the NHS Smart Centre.

When you complete this form, you will need to confirm you

  • have the permission of your landlord or housing association if the equipment needs to be installed
  • will ask for an assessment if you are not sure which equipment is most suitable
  • will not hold the Council or NHS Lothian liable for any damage.

If you are ordering the equipment on behalf of someone else, you will need to confirm you have their permission to do so.  You will also need their name, address and date of birth.

If you need any help filling out this form, please contact us by phone 0131 529 6300