Emergency guidance for Council colleagues

You may be able to check your email. In some circumstances we may have a dedicated telephone line to provide advice to colleagues.

Remember it is likely to take some time to gather accurate information and decide the best course of action. So if advice is not immediately available, please check back later.

Go in, stay in, tune in

Depending on the circumstances you may need to follow the basic emergency advice of 'go in, stay in, tune in':

  • go indoors, stay indoors and follow local media
  • make sure you and those who live with you are safe
  • check on vulnerable neighbours.

What next

If you go to work you may be instructed to work at a different building, at home or asked to work different hours. If you are leaving your home, you should:

  • charge your mobile and take the charger
  • take some food and extra clothing
  • make sure your home is secure and safe.

You can get up to date information on The City of Edinburgh Council Twitter and Police Scotland Twitter or check the news on local radio and TV and on their websites.