Edinburgh Partnership

Over the last year, the Edinburgh Partnership has been looking at how we organise ourselves to make us more open and improve how we work across the city. Our major goal was to agree a new way of working which helps us to create a city where everyone can share in our success; a city where people have enough money to live on, can access jobs, learning or training opportunities, and have a good place to live.

At our meeting on 2 April 2019, the Partnership agreed the new structure which will support this way of working. You can download this below. This new structure will give us a better focus for partnership working in the city.

Download the Edinburgh Partnership governance framework 

Download the Neighbourhood Networks Frequently Asked Questions

We will have four city-wide partnership groups, four local community planning partnerships, and 13 new Neighbourhood Networks. Each group will take responsibility for a theme or plan to achieve our goal of a city where poverty and inequality are reduced. They will all feed into the Edinburgh Partnership Board. Membership of the 13 Neighbourhood Networks and the four local community planning partnerships will be confirmed soon.

Download the board agenda, minutes and papers (PDFs)

Community planning

Community planning is about councils and public bodies - like the police, the fire and rescue service and the NHS - working with communities, businesses, charities and voluntary groups. Together they plan and deliver better services to improve people's lives.

Read about community planning on the Scottish Government website.

Community plan

The Edinburgh Partnership is responsible for developing plans which describe its priorities and planned improvements. There is a citywide plan and four locality improvement plans which focus on the priorities of each locality.

Download the community plan (PDF and DOCX) . The plan outlines the partnership's vision that Edinburgh is a thriving, connected, inspired and fair city, where all forms of poverty and inequality are reduced.

Download the Children’s Services plan (PDFs). The plan outlines the partnership's vision that Edinburgh’s children and young people enjoy their childhood and achieve their potential. 

Keeping track

The Edinburgh Partnership Board meets several times a year and produces a performance report once a year showing what has been worked on and what has been achieved.

Download the performance reports (PDFs)

Community planning