Edinburgh schools review background

Edinburgh is the second fastest growing city in the UK and by 2036 its population will increase by 16%. Since 2009 the number of pupils in our primary schools has increased by 25%. By 2026 we expect to have 8,000 more children aged 0 to 15 than we do today. This is due to factors such as more children being born and people moving into the area.  

We must provide school places for the increasing number of pupils and so we are reviewing all of our schools. 

The way in which we work is also changing. We are providing more services through working with partner organisations and groups. It is important that we make the best use of our buildings. We want to provide the best schools possible within our financial constraints.

The graph below shows how we think secondary school rolls will grow.

A line graph showing the projected secondary school roll plotted against the capacity of our secondary schools given the current arrangements. The line for the capacity is parallel with the x-axis, showing 22,165. The line for the projected role rises steadily, with an increase from 18,145 in 2017 to 22,982 in 2026 to 25,285 in 2030. The projected role exceeds the capacity in 2022.


We are considering

  • building eight new primary schools and two new secondary schools
  • building extensions on some schools
  • reviewing some school catchment areas 
  • reviewing which secondary schools some primary schools will feed to.

We will work with the affected communities on these proposals before we carry out any formal consultation. 

We cannot make changes before we carry out a formal consultation.