Edinburgh Choices - Drug Treatment and Testing Order Team

Name Drug Treatment and Testing Order Team

The Drug Treatment and Testing Order Team implements DTTOs. A DTTO is an order that courts can impose on adults whose offending is related to drugs.  There are two types of DTTOs. Normal DTTOs may be used instead of prison for people charged with serious or high levels of offending. DTTO II is for individuals who are starting to offend because of their drug use.

Offenders must be willing to cooperate with treatment and consent before an order is imposed. Orders contain requirements for regular reviews by the Court to monitor progress. The offender must also consent to regular and random drug testing throughout the order's duration. Failure to comply with the treatment plan may result in a breach of the order, re - sentencing and possibly imprisonment.

Support for People aged 16 - 64, People with alcohol or drug problems
What to do next
Referrals are made via the Court or local authority criminal justice teams.
Address 29 - 31 Alva Street, Edinburgh
Postcode EH2 4PS
Phone 0131 225 7788
Area served City wide