Edinburgh Choices - Currie Day Centre

Name Currie Day Centre
Currie Day Centre is for older people who are not able to get out much, but who are fairly active, mentally and physically. Transport is provided by mini bus. Two escorts assist members and check that their homes are safe and secure on departure. On returning the members to their homes, the escorts ensure that they are safely indoors. On arrival, coffee, tea and toast are provided. A lunch is also served.     
Members are asked to make a donation of £5.00, per visit, towards the cost of transport, use of hall and heating.
Support for People 65 or over
What to do next

You can be referred for a place by The Pentlands Medical Centre in Currie.

Address Gibson Craig Hall, Lanark Road West, Edinburgh
Postcode EH14 5EP
Phone 0131 451 5141
Area served South west