Edinburgh Choices - Community Integrated Care (C-I-C)

Name Community Integrated Care (C-I-C)

We provide personal care and help with keeping safe and well in your home. Do you need a couple of hours a week to just help you with getting your shopping in? Or do you need a bit more each day to make sure everything is ok with you? We can help you with keeping your house nice, or to remind you to take medicines, or even to help you cook a meal. Some people need help with their money and paying bills on time - we often help with that. We'll get to know you and help you get the most out of life. 

Support for People aged 16 - 64, People 65 or over, People with a learning disability, People with a mental health condition, People with autism, People with a physical disability
Accessibility Support is in your own home with the access you already have. Our office is wheelchair accessible
What to do next

If you are over 16 and need some care and support at home, we can assess your needs and provide a service if you meet the agreed criteria. You can Contact Social Care Direct to ask us for advice or to assess your needs.

Address Hays Community Business Centre, 4 Hay Avenue, Edinburgh
Postcode EH16 4AQ
Phone 0131 657 0730
Email information@c-i-c.co.uk
Area served City wide