Edinburgh Choices - Clayton Care

Name Clayton Care

Clayton Care provides trained and skilled staff to support the needs of elderly, children and young people with learning or physical disability, adults with learning or physical disability and those with mental health concerns. The support can range from assisting in:

  • Managing challenging behaviour
  • Help to access the community and meeting others
  • Organising days out and holidays
  • Assist in attending college
  • Building social activities
  • Giving support in the home 

Our aim is to design a support package around your needs. It also about finding out what is important to you and helping you to attain your goals. You direct the support and we design the package for you.

This provider has an agreement in place, with City of Edinburgh Council, to provide care and support to individuals who wish to direct their own services under an Individual Service Fund (ISF).

Support for Children under 16, Young people 16 - 25, People aged 16 - 64, People 65 or over, People with a physical disability, People with a learning disability, People with mental health conditions.
What to do next

If you are over 16 and need some care and support at home, we can assess your needs and provide a service if you meet the agreed criteria. You can Contact Social Care Direct to ask us for advice or to assess your needs.

Address 8 Comely Bank Place, Edinburgh
Postcode EH4 1DU
Phone 0131 629 0030
Email mail@claytoncare.co.uk
Area served City wide