Edinburgh Choices - Carer Support Hospital Discharge Service

Name Carer Support Hospital Discharge Service

Carer support workers in hospital can help carers get involved in discharge planning, from the point of admission in planning support for the person they care for to the stage when they leave hospital. They can also help carers to access carer support.

The carer support worker can help you:

  • work with staff to decide what support will be arranged for the person they care for when they leave hospital;
  • decide what support you are able to provide as a carer;
  • by offering you a carers assessment and discussing your own needs as a carer and make referrals to carer support services;
  • find information on medical conditions and treatment.
Support for People 65 or over, Carers.
What to do next

Contact the service directly to arrange a meeting with a member of staff.

Ward staff, charge nurses, social workers, occupational therapists or physiotherapists can also refer you to the service.

The main Hospitals covered by this service are the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh and the Western General Hospital/Royal Victoria Building.

Phone 0131 536 3371
Email carer.support@luht.scot.nhs.uk
Area served City wide