Edinburgh Choices - Arrest Referral Service

Name Arrest Referral Service

The Arrest Referral Service works with people over 16 years of age who have been arrested and whose offending may be because of their misuse of drugs or alcohol. It targets people soon after arrest.

The service can help people contact harm reduction, treatment and rehabilitation services. The team assists service users and motivates them to engage with relevant agencies to deal with other health and other needs. Working with the service is voluntary and not a formal part of any criminal justice process.

Initial assessments take place in the court cells with follow up on release. Anyone released from police custody is also told about the service. If they agree, the police can pass their details direct to the service. Those offered the service in this way receive a phone call / appointment for assessment. Anyone who has an assessment while in custody can access the service later. They should phone or call in person at the Sacro office.

Support for People aged 16 - 64, People with alcohol or drug problems.
What to do next
The service is offered to anyone who has been arrested and transferred from police custody to appear at Edinburgh Sheriff Court.
Provided by Sacro
Address Sacro, Community Justice Centre, 23 Dalmeny Street, Edinburgh
Postcode EH6 8PG
Phone 0131 622 7500
Email info@sacro.org.uk
Area served City wide