Resettle refugees and asylum seekers from the Aegean Island camps in Edinburgh

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We, the undersigned, call upon the City of Edinburgh Council to prioritise the moral and ethical obligation of Scotland and the United Kingdom (UK) to welcome and resettle refugees.

We call on the City of Edinburgh Council to:

1. Pledge to resettle a minimum of 750 refugees in Edinburgh between 2021-2026, as part of the new UK Resettlement Scheme, an increase of 250 people from the Council’s 2015-2020 pledge.
2. Commit to working with local agencies, residents, landlords and charities to resolve any barriers to resettlement and ensure a sustainable resettlement process.
3. Write to the UK Government, specifically the Home Office and Chris Philp, Minister for Immigration Compliance to:
a. Communicate willingness to welcome and support more refugees in Edinburgh.
b. Acknowledge desperate and urgent conditions in camps on the Aegean Islands and call for those asylum seekers living in abhorrent conditions to be included in the new UK Resettlement Scheme.
c. Advocate for a humane migration policy in the UK, which should include the decongestion of the camps in the Aegean Islands. This is supported by UK Must Act and Europe Must Act.
d. Advocate for a humane migration policy in Europe more widely, regardless of Brexit. We cannot ignore our connection to, and complicity in, migration policies in Europe upon refugees and asylum seekers.
4. Invite surrounding council areas to uptake similar goals to resettle additional refugees within their local authority areas and collaborate with the City of Edinburgh Council to ensure the refugees are adequately and ethically supported during the resettlement process.
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Ms T Lewis
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1 April 2021
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24 May 2021
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