Gorgie/Dalry Community Park

Gorgie and dalry
Gorgie/Dalry Community Park
Dalry Road
EH11 2EF
0131 527 3800
Play area, Multi use games area, Seating
History and heritage
The park was built where Dalry station once stood. the line was closed in 1965. Since then, the railway lines have been completely removed and the only indication left of the park's railway history is the station platform. Nature has taken over and where there once commuters there are birch and willow trees. In 1972, the first play area was created.
The vegetation in the park mainly consists of grassland, scrub and woodland, but there are also 140 wild plant species. The best time to see the variety of plants is when they are in flower in the summer. Parts of the park have a wild feel with rose and hawthorn bushes and rowan, birch, oak and willow trees.
Visitor information
There are two main entrances to the park. One is from Dalry Road, opposite Downfield Place. The other is from the Telfer Subway.
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