Walking and cycling statistics

Active Travel Counters

We have collected information from 58 walking and cycling counters located across the city. This information will help  to monitor levels of walking and cycling, analyse trends and plan for future projects.

Search the interactive map of walking and cycling counters by entering a particular site, sites or place names.

Edinburgh Bike Life

We are one of 17 cities in the UK working with UK-based active travel charity, Sustrans, to report on the state of cycling in our city.

Bike Life is a survey that began in 2015 and was inspired by work being undertaken in Copenhagen to continually improve cycling conditions.

In Edinburgh, the results showed that

  • 62% of Edinburgh residents would like to see more government spending on cycling
  • 65% of Edinburgh residents think fewer motor vehicles on their streets would be useful to help them cycle more
  • 74% of residents support building more protected on-road cycle tracks, even when this would mean less room for other road traffic.

Download Edinburgh Bike Life 2019 report