Council Tax repayment

Due to Coronavirus and the financial hardship you may have experienced, we put on hold the recovery of non-payment of Council Tax from April 2020 

To help you pay back what you owe for 2020/ 21, we’ve set up a Council Tax repayment plan.

Use the Council Tax payment calculator below to estimate which payment plan suits you best. Then sign up to set up your payment plan through the online form.

If you decide to extend your instalments beyond March 2021 you will also have your Council Tax for 2021/22 to pay from April 2021. If you choose it, please make sure this option is affordable for you.

If you choose not to pay by Direct Debit, your payment date for 2021/22 Council Tax will be due by the fifth day of the month. Therefore, your repayment dates for your 2020/ 21 bill may fall on a different day of the month as there are more options in the online form.

Sign up to repay your Council Tax (opens in a new window)

Other Council Tax repayment options

You can bring your account up to date by making a single payment.

Your latest bill will show the instalments due so far for 2020/21 and if you make a single payment up to and including the July instalment this will bring your account up to date. You can then pay monthly from August onwards.

Ways to pay can be found at

If you don’t sign up to repay

A reminder notice will be issued in September. The next step in the recovery process is to progress the balance due for the whole year to summary warrant.

This immediately adds 10% to the outstanding balance and further costs are likely to be added by the Sheriff Officer.

Recovery action, particularly in the current circumstances, is something we want to avoid and encourage you to sign up to repay.

Help if you can’t pay

If you are having difficulty making payment, contact us as early as possible to discuss the choices which may be available to you. Early contact allows us to consider more ways to help you pay. 

Find out about our debt advice and welfare rights services or call

  • 0131 200 2360

Or for addition support call Citizens Advice Edinburgh on

  • 0131 510 5510. 

Council Tax exemptions and discounts

If you are on a low income apply for Council Tax Reduction

Find out about eligibility for exemptions, discounts and reductions for Council Tax