Assisted travel policy

Health and Social Care can arrange transport to and from services for you if no other option is available.

We created the assisted travel policy (PDF) to ensure fair access to transport.

Get assisted travel

We encourage you to make your own way to services if you can, whether on your own or with support. You can

  • walk
  • use assisted mobility such as motorised scooters
  • get public transport
  • drive.

If none of these options are possible, we will assess you to see if you meet our transport eligibility criteria. If you do, we arrange transport for you. You may have to pay towards part of the journeys. We may use one of our own vehicles or a vehicle arranged for you, such as a taxi or community transport provider.

We will fund transport for you to get to the appropriate service that is closest to your home.

You can be eligible for care and support services but not have transport provided or funded to get there.