Stair cleaning service

We provide a Stair Cleaning service to about 2,500 housing blocks where we own all or some of the homes. The service supports tenants and other residents to keep their common stair areas clean as well as a rapid response for spillages that could result in health and safety concerns. If you’re a private owner with a property in a shared Council stair, please get in touch to find out more about how you can sign up for the service. All residents have a responsibility to keep common areas clean and tidy. The more properties there are in the service, the more frequent the cleaning.

The service is also provided to some fully private stairs and will continue for stairs already signed up. As the service is focused on Council stairs, no new private stairs will be taken on. If you’re looking for a stair cleaning company, there are several across the city. You may also be interested in a new app designed to make it easier for residents living in a tenement to arrange work with contractors or deal with shared repairs to comply with The Tenements (Scotland) Act 2004. Visit Novoville Shared Repairs to find out more.The app is backed by the Council and Trusted Traders Edinburgh.

The service follows national Covid-19 guidance. Advice on Covid-19 is changing all the time, you can keep up to date by visiting NHS inform.

Your feedback

For those of you in the service, we would appreciate your feedback. Each time the cleaners visit they should

  • sweep and remove dust and litter from hard floor surfaces
  • use a spray to clean and disinfect
  • wet scrub stairs, landings and deck access areas when required
  • wipe down the handrails and window ledges
  • sweep / wash the front and back steps.

Walls, windows and spindles on stairs are not included in the standard clean.

Tell us your views on the service

The City of Edinburgh Council will use your personal data for the purpose of providing the stair cleaning service only. More information about our data protection arrangements, including details of your rights and how you can contact us, can be found in our privacy notice.

Winter weather

Winter weather can disrupt cleaning and schedules. In low temperatures spraying or wet mopping stairs can be unsafe for everyone. Sometimes it can be colder inside the stair than outside and some areas can be affected more often because they are in higher parts of the city. The contractor lets us know if their teams are unable to clean due to colder weather and if the weather allows the cleaners to travel, stairs will be swept and rubbish will be removed when the weather is too cold for a full clean. The stair cleaners will also carry out additional tasks for residents, for example, removing leaves or snow from footpaths and grit where necessary. Where a scheduled clean is missed, a reclean will be arranged for when the weather is warm enough. If this is not practical, stairs will be washed on the next scheduled clean day. If cleans are missed several times, further cleaning may be arranged to bring the stair back up to standard at no additional charge for residents.
Contact us

If you have any queries, or want to report an emergency stair clean, please contact us on

0131 529 6695.

For an emergency clean on a public holiday, weekend or out with office hours please phone

 0131 200 2000 / 0800 0325968.