Independent inquiry

Redress scheme

Following an independent inquiry into allegations of abuse conducted by the late Sean Bell and the recommendations contained in the report that followed, we've launched a redress scheme will which enable it to pay compensation to those who are eligible under the scheme rules.

The redress scheme launched on 5 September 2022 and will remain open until 4 March 2023. It provides an alternative to those considering pursuing a claim through the civil courts. The Council considers that, in the context of the allegations made, paying compensation under the scheme rules is the right thing to do in order to give eligible survivors a level of closure as soon as possible.      

The scheme administrator is Pinsent Masons LLP, and their role is to manage the redress scheme. They will be responsible for answering any questions about the scheme rules, deciding on whether a claimant is eligible to join the redress scheme and calculating any compensation that is due, in accordance with the scheme rules.

If you consider that you might be eligible to claim under the redress scheme and would like more details (including a copy of the scheme rules and other relevant documentation) please contact Pinsent Masons by email

or write to

Administrator to the City of Edinburgh Council Redress Scheme
Pinsent Masons LLP
30 Crown Place
Earl Street
London, EC2A 4ES