Delivering a sustainable future

Council Commitments on a better environment and transport systems that work for all

  1. Invest £100m in roads and pavements over the next 5 years. This will include road and pavement maintenance, installing more pedestrian crossings, increasing the number of dropped kerbs and dedicate safer foot and cycle paths as well as introducing more pedestrian zones
  2. Guarantee 10% of the transport budget on improving cycling in the city
  3. Improve Edinburgh’s air quality and reduce carbon emissions. Explore the implementation of low emission zones
  4. Keep the city moving by reducing congestion, improving public transport to rural west Edinburgh and managing roadworks to avoid unnecessary disruption to the public
  5. Explore the introduction of a lane rental for utility companies to reduce traffic pressures
  6. Retain Lothian Buses and Edinburgh Tram in public ownership
  7. Deliver the tram extension to Newhaven by 2022 after reviewing the business case and delivery plan to ensure they are robust
  8. Implement improvement plans for Waste and Cleansing Services to improve street cleanliness in every ward. Reintroduce a free bulky item collection service to tackle fly tipping
  9. Reduce the incidence of dog fouling on Edinburgh’s streets and public parks
  10. Increase recycling to 60% from 46% during the lifetime of the administration
  11. Improve parking for residents by expanding provision of park and rides for commuters
  12. Tackle pavement parking and reduce street clutter to improve accessibility