Delivering a Council that works for all

Council Commitments on more empowered, transparent and improved public services

  1. Become a leading council in Scotland for community engagement - 1% of the Council's discretionary budget will be allocated through participatory budgeting
  2. Continue to make a case to the Scottish Government for the introduction of a Transient Visitor Levy and explore the possibility of introducing more flexibility in the application of business rates. Explore the possibility of introducing a workplace parking levy
  3. Limit Council Tax increases to 3% a year to 2021
  4. Continue a policy of no compulsory redundancies and keep a presumption in favour of in-house service provision
  5. Improve community safety by protecting local policing and empowering communities to tackle long term safety issues and hate crime in all its forms including supporting restorative justice initiatives and other projects
  6. Devolve local decisions to four Locality Committees. Establish the membership of each Committee and how devolved decision making will work to encourage the maximum participation for local groups. Explore the effectiveness of community councils and how they can be enhanced to represent their local communities