Third sector / voluntary organisation funding - coronavirus update

Coronovirus related funding applications

Grant application support

Our aim is to ensure, as much as possible, that community projects and organisations in Edinburgh helping their communities with the Covid-19 crisis, have equal opportunity to current funding programmes.

However, we are also aware that some organisations and projects may need some support to compose or create a bid for funding. We have established a team of officers to reach out and support community projects and organisations who may need support to identify suitable funding and assist with bids, this may be in the form of advice or assistance with a funding application.

If you would like more information or support, please email support for grants and an officer will contact you shortly.  

50K Council fund for small community projects and voluntary organisations

We are providing support for community projects and voluntary organisations. The Council has made £50k available to provide targeted support to smaller scale community groups in their efforts to help vulnerable residents. 

The funding is available to community projects or organisations who have been unsuccessful in securing funding for their response to Covid-19 within the community.

Further information is available to help complete the application form. All completed forms should be emailed to support for grants.