Public building guidance during the covid pandemic

Public building guidance during lockdown

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic we need to keep people safe.

Some of our buildings are currently only open for essential use. Where our buildings are open, there are restrictions in place about how people can access or use them safely, in line with Scottish Government guidelines.

Before you arrive

Please check to see if the building is open.

Don’t visit our buildings if you have coronavirus symptoms – please follow Scottish Government guidelines.

Only arrange to visit one person or a group of people, please don’t arrange multiple meetings. Just use one room or area for your visit.

If you’re visiting a building for a meeting or appointment, make sure you

  • know who you’re meeting
  • arrive on time, and not too early
  • have the relevant documents or information ready.

When you arrive

Please make sure you

  • wear a face covering as they’re mandatory, for those who can wear them
  • keep your distance where possible, at least one-metre
  • follow all the instructions given to you by our employees
  • sanitise your hands when you arrive and leave, and regularly during your visit
  • access our buildings through the main reception or entrance, unless you are advised otherwise. This is so that we can monitor and manage the number of people visiting the building
  • follow the signage and guidance as you arrive and throughout the building
  • sign in, using your own pen if possible, and provide your contact details for coronavirus Test and Protect.

During your visit

Lifts and stairs

Follow the signs:

  • some stairs can only be used one way
  • lifts may be restricted to one person at a time, so please only use the lift if you’re not able to use the stairs


Some of our buildings have toilets for members of the public to use. They may have limited capacity. Please physically distance.

Using seating, desks, computers and equipment

Check the signage to check if you can use the seating or desks in the building.

Make sure all the equipment you used has been cleaned before you leave, using the cleaning materials we’ve provided.

Windows and ventilation

If there are windows open or doors held open, don’t close them as we need to make sure there’s enough ventilation.

Fire tests and procedures

In case of an evacuation, you can ignore any one-way systems that may be in place but please still try to maintain distance from others as far as possible.

If you develop Coronavirus symptoms

If you start developing coronavirus symptoms whilst you’re in our building, leave immediately and go straight home, where you should self-isolate and book a test.

Leaving the building

Please leave the building as soon as possible after your meeting.

Make sure you leave through the main reception or entrance. Use hand sanitiser. Sign out before you go.