Parks, greenspaces and allotments - Coronavirus update

Our parks and green spaces are open for exercise and can also now be used to sit, relax or have a picnic. Play parks, mixed use games area courts, outdoor exercise equipment and skateparks are now also open for use. Please make sure you follow national guidance on physical distancing

  • You can now travel short distances for outdoor leisure and exercise but should remain in your local area – please walk, wheel or cycle where possible.
  • You should not share food and drink between households.
  • Keep your distance – stay at least 2m away from others.
  • Dogs – please keep them on a lead or under close control, don’t let them approach other people.
  • Take your litter and dog poo bags home with you.

Cramond Island

We have closed public access to Cramond Island for the safety of the public. This will be in force until further notice. Please don’t put yourself or our emergency services at risk.

Pentland Hills Regional Park

  • Reduce the risk of transmitting coronavirus by using gloves or hand gel if you need to open gates.
  • Don’t take dogs into fields with young lambs or other young animals and avoid disturbing any wildlife or livestock.
  • Find out more about the Pentland Hills Regional Park on their website.

Kiosks/concessions in parks

These are only operating take away food and drink in line with Government guidance. Don’t gather around them to eat or drink - please make your purchase and move on. Please take your litter and dog poo bags home with you. This simple action will really help to relieve the pressure on our stretched services.

Grounds maintenance

Our green space teams have begun their return to a full maintenance programme. We are unable to provide an accurate timescale for this work but are prioritising sheltered housing and care homes in the first instance, moving into other areas across the city after that. Given the limited maintenance that has taken place since March, this process will take some time and we ask for your understanding and patience while our teams return to full capacity. 


These remain open as we know that allotments offer some much-needed exercise and support wellbeing at this difficult time, but you must follow national physical distancing guidance and handwashing/sanitising before and after touching anything such as gates and standpipe taps.

Litter bins in parks

Please take your litter, including dog poo bags, home and put them in your grey landfill bin or your black lidded communal bin. This simple action will really help to relieve the pressure on our stretched services. 

Garden Aid service

With Covid-19 restrictions being gradually lifted we are resuming the Garden Aid Service and ask for your patience in these challenging times.