Home learning support

Primary schools and special schools

You can expect planned learning activities for your child related to literacy, numeracy and topics they’re learning about. There may also be a range of tasks related to other curricular areas like

  • art
  • music
  • science
  • RME.

It’s important that there’s a balance of

  • learning and play 
  • free choice 
  • quiet / recreation time.

Learning will be reviewed and updated as well as

  • school websites
  • Facebook
  • Twitter.

There’s no expectation that your child should follow a planned programme of learning during holiday periods. 

How you can support your child’s learning

Have a look through any learning materials your child brings home so you’re aware of what they’re being asked to do. 

You might find it helpful to have a look at our suggested daily plan to get an idea of the types of activities that your child could engage in. Schools will also plan other activities relevant for their pupils.

If you have digital access, check your school’s website regularly for updates about learning.

Support your child in accessing Office 365, if needed, where learning and support materials may be stored.  

Talk with your child about their learning

  • What are they being asked to do?
  • How are they going to do it?
  • What will make their learning a success?
  • What they’ve done well and what they’d like to improve / learn more about?

Monitor the amount of time your child spends online. Try to encourage them to vary this with other learning, including physical activity and play.

Over holiday times, please support your child in engaging with a range of activities which do not focus on formal academic learning.