Coronavirus - how you can help


To everyone who has approached us, and to those of you who are trying to find ways to help your communities, thank you. Your kindness and generosity in these difficult times are a reflection of all that is best about the city we share and the people who call it home.

As a rule, right now, the best thing that most people can do is to stay at home, limit social contact and follow NHS guidelines.

If you're able to help others then ‘Think Local and Act Local’. Where you can, offer support to your wider family, your friends and your neighbours to help ensure that they can receive the essential supplies and medicine that they may need. Many people will already have established arrangements for support which are expected to continue but for those of you offering to help,  Volunteer Edinburgh has some guidance on how to be a good neighbour safely.

If you have specific skills that you would like to volunteer, please consider organisations like Volunteer Edinburgh and EVOC, particularly in regards to food distribution. These organisations are working hard to connect supply and demand at the very local and community level.

What the Council's doing

To keep essential services running and support vulnerable people across the city, we're constantly monitoring how we deploy our staff. We're working to identify where our services need help and at this point in time, we're relying on our own internal capacity to meet those needs. We'll be monitoring this over the weeks ahead and will work with Volunteer Edinburgh to share any ask of citizens and community organisations.